Terms & Conditions

Booking and confirmation
A booking is binding as soon as it has been confirmed and the guest has been given a booking number, this can be given orally, in writing or digitally. When booking on our website, a written booking confirmation must be received by email within 30 minutes, if no confirmation is provided, the guest must notify the hotel immediately. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, this must be checked so that all information is correct. It is the guest’s responsibility that the details on the booking confirmation are correct. Abbe Gård reserves itself for any mistakes.

Guaranteed booking
All bookings must be guaranteed with a valid credit card. Reservations are guaranteed when the booking has been paid in full. If the booking is not guaranteed, Abbe Gård reserves the right to cancel the booking without informing the guest.

Bookings can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellations later than 7 days prior to arrival are fully charged. In case of no-show, the booking is considered canceled at 08:00 the day after the booked arrival date. Non-refundable bookings can be canceled but non-refundable. Nor can the booking be moved forward in time. Upon cancellation, the guest must receive a cancellation number as confirmation that a correct cancellation has been made.

Change bookings
Unless otherwise stated in the price description, the booking can be changed up to 7 days prior to arrival. In case of changes in date and / or length of booking or number of persons, the price will also be adjusted to the current price. It is not allowed to transfer a booking to another person without the hotel’s consent or to allow another person to stay in the hotel room. Non-refundable bookings are non-refundable.

Arrival and departure
Guests have access to the hotel room booked from 15:00 PM. Check-out time is no later than 11:00 AM.

Use of hotel rooms
At Abbe Gård, minors, under the age of 18, cannot live without the keeper’s company. The number of guests in the room must not exceed the number of people for whom the room is booked and checked in. A limited number of extra beds and baby cots can be booked for certain room categories, booking of these must be done directly at the time of booking and in direct contact with the room reservation. A cot can be booked at no charge. Guests aged 4 and up must book an extra bed and pay an additional cost if the room exceeds two accommodation guests. Guests may not use the hotel room for anything other than accommodation. Unless otherwise agreed with Abbe Gård, it is not permitted to conduct, for private or commercial purposes, party activities, sales or any form of trade or business. Nor is it allowed to photograph Abbe Gård’s property and interior for public and commercial purposes.

All rooms and areas at Abbe Gård are non-smoking. Guests who choose not to comply with these regulations are obliged to reimburse the hotel for incurred cleaning costs and loss of income.

Dogs are welcome. Notify Abbe Gård before arrival.

Luggage & guests belongings
Guests are not allowed to leave luggage and belongings unattended. Luggage can be stored by us free of charge. Abbe Gård takes no legal responsibility for; luggage or belongings left in lobby, meeting room, foyer, restaurant, room, handed to us.
If the property is of unusually high value, the guest is obliged to inform Abbe Gård of this before submitting it. Abbe Gård has no obligation to store property of high value.

Responsibility for damage
Guests at Abbe Gård are responsible for any damage caused by the guest himself or his visitors. If a guest or guest’s visitor caused such damage or disruption during the stay that it affects future loss of income, the resident guest is responsible for compensating Abbe Gård for both repair of damage that has occurred and estimated loss of income by Abbe Gård.

In the room there is security information, it is the guest’s duty to personally pay attention to where emergency exits and fire extinguishers are located. Contact us for further information.

Force Majeure
Strikes, lockouts, fires, explosions, wars or similar war conditions, significant restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances beyond Abbe Gård’s control, Abbe Gård justify canceling the booking without the obligation to pay damages.