Restaurants, beaches, walking areas, golf, proximity to Österlen and Copenhagen makes Abbekås a perfect starting point for the southern holiday. The nearest supermarket is in Skivarp, just 3.5 km(5 min) away. Tores Allköp (ICA) has everything you need! The cozy summer town of Ystad is 15 km away.


Down in the harbour you´ll find Bongska Huset  with fantastic food in a nice and cozy location, just 300 meters from us.

Dinah’s place with affordable and tasty food. Located along Kustvägen, 300 meters from us.

And don´t miss the pizzas and the food at Abbekås Golfklubb. 1,5 km from us.


Abbekås harbor is a harbor with ancient origins. The history of the fishing village begins as early as the Middle Ages, but the great development is only noted during the latter part of the 19th century. The harbor consists of an inner harbor basin used by commercial fishermen. The outer harbor is used for leisure boats and guest boats. In the harbor area there are showers, toilets, washing machine and kitchenette as well as a ticket machine for guest boats.


Mossbystrand is the most beautiful beach at Sydkusten, located just 600 meter from us. Great for the kids with lots of white sand.

Abbekås golf course

The popular golf course is open all year.Abbekås Golfklubb

Goose in Abbekås

A long time ago, a lady with her geese walked by the Fiskarevägen in Abbekås. Two gentlemen passed by and one said – “It was a nice goose, what’s its name?”, “Joakim” replied the lady. It was Edvard Persson who had asked about the goose. Then it became familiar music: “There was a goose in Abbekås named Joakim”

“There was a goose in Abbekås named Joakim”